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SafeSeaNet Norway

SafeSeaNet Norway is an internet-based maritime single window reporting system that enables vessels to provide mandatory notifications to Norwegian governmental authorities and ports electronically.

Vessels register mandatory arrival and departure information in SafeSeaNet Norway. This information is forwarded to individual Norwegian authorities and ports in accordance with national regulations. SafeSeaNet Norway complies with EU Directives 2002/59 and 2010/65.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has developed tailor-made digital solutions for Norwegian authorities, which enables the distribution of relevant shipping information to authorities directly from the messaging system, without requiring individual reporting from shipping.

The service is used by Customs, Defence, Police, maritime authorities, and ports.

Since SafeSeaNet Norway was first introduced in 2004, the number of notifications from ships to authorities has been reduced from 330 000 to 85 000, equivalent to a 74 per cent reduction.

The following notifications shall be provided through SafeSeaNet:

  • Port arrival notification
  • Port departure notification for ships carrying port and carrying dangerous or polluting cargo
  • Notifications of waste management
  • Notifications of intent to cross the Norwegian baseline
  • Maritime security notifications
  • Port State Control notifications
  • Customs declarations
  • Border crossing notifications
  • Pilot requests

Personal User Access to SafeSeaNet Norway

Click the link below to register for a new user to SafeSeaNet Norway:

More than one company user?

If your company has many employees that need access to SafeSeaNet Norway, they must register individually for a user account. The company will thereafter be requested to approve the new users. User accounts are personal and the password should not be shared with others in the company.

Forgotten password? Follow the link below:

Problems with SafeSeaNet Norway?

Contact SafeSeaNet Norway Support 24/7:

Tel: + 47 35 57 26 25


Advantages of digitalized ship reporting:

  • One single window for ship reporting makes it easier for shipping to send mandatory information to authorities.
  • The number of notifications is reduced as various authorities receive one common notification instead of many singular notifications from individual vessels.
  • Reduces administrative tasks on board, which enables mariners to spend more time on navigational tasks.
  • Already registered users can reuse data previously registered in the system, reducing administrative time.
  • The system is designed so that it becomes easier for shipping to meet reporting obligations.
  • The transition to digital and consistent messages from shipping to ports facilitate more efficient port logistics.
  • Quick and easy access to digitized and automated ship notifications frees up time and resources in the government administration.

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