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Reporting acute pollution incidents

Anyone who discovers acute pollution is obliged to notify the emergency phone number 110. Vessels at sea report to the nearest coastal radio station or one of the Joint Rescue Coordination Centres (HRS), which also act as Norway’s Maritime Assistance Service (MAS).

Enterprises with specific contingency plans have their own notification routines. There are also other procedures, e.g. for notifications issued by aircraft.

Notifications received by the 110-central or a coastal radio are relayed to the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s Department for Emergency Response.

The department’s on-duty personnel will monitor the situation, usually in cooperation with a VTS station if a vessel is involved. The on-duty staff can then place requirements on the polluter, give advice or take action, depending on the nature of the incident.

Annually, 1300-1400 notifications of (potentially) acute pollution require follow-up.

In case of accidents involving chemicals, the Department for Emergency Response may also utilise a 24/7 national and pan European counselling service established by the industry itself.

The Department for Emergency Response applies a variety of decision-making and support tools to ensure the quality of their emergency stand-by and response services.

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