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Report misconduct

Employees of the Norwegian Coastal Administration, suppliers and the public can safely report misconduct to us on an anonymous basis.

You can report misconduct in the Norwegian Coastal Administration, and in activities and tasks carried out by other enterprises on behalf of the Norwegian Coastal Administration. Examples of this may be violations of laws, rules and guidelines, failure of safety procedures and danger to life and health, working conditions in violation of the requirements of the Working Environment Act, corruption, breach of contract or other financial irregularities and irresponsible casework.

You can choose whether you want to provide personal information or if you wish to notify us anonymously.

The notifications are received and handled by an internal audit unit at the Norwegian Coastal Administration. You can also choose whether the notification should be received by employees of the advisory and auditing company BDO AS instead. This may be preferable, for example, if your notification concerns the senior management or employees of the internal audit unit.


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