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Responsibilities, roles and resources

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is responsible for coordinating state, municipal and private emergency preparedness. On this page you can read more about what that means.

  • The NCA's responsibilities

    The purpose of emergency preparedness against acute pollution is to protect life, health, the natural environment and business interests at sea and on land. Here you can read about what the Norwegian Coastal Administration's responsibility is when it comes to acute pollution.
  • Municipal responsibility

    Municipalities shall ensure the necessary preparedness against acute pollution that may occur or cause harmful effects within the municipality, and which is not covered by private emergency preparedness. Read more about the municipalities' responsibilities here.
  • Private responsibility

    Do you run a business that can lead to acute pollution? Then you must ensure preparedness to prevent, detect, stop, remove and limit the effect of the pollution.
  • Norwegian emergency towing service

    The Coast Guard is responsible for the operational part of the emergency towing service, by agreement with the Norwegian Coastal Administration.
  • Operational cooperation

    Here you can read about which state agencies the Norwegian Coastal Administration cooperates with to ensure preparedness against acute pollution.
  • Svalbard

    The Norwegian Coastal Administration is the environmental authority on Svalbard in regards to acute pollution.
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