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Report casualties to lights, buoys and other aids to navigation

Many of the aids to navigation along the Norwegian coast are automated and unmanned. It is therefore important that mariners notify us of casualties to lights, buoys and other aids to navigation.

Other situations that could pose a risk to vessel traffic must also be reported. Examples of such situations could be, but is not limited to: shooting exercises, drifting objects, downed high-voltage cable, grounded vessel, sunken vessel or drifting fishing tool. 

Pre-planned activities must be reported to the Norwegian Notices to Mariners (NtM) on email to:

Notify casualties to aids to navigation and other incidents on the Norwegian coast to:

The National Coordinator for Navigational Warnings

Tel: +47 22 42 23 31
Fax: +47 22 41 04 91

Notify incidents in the Norwegian Sea, the Greenland Sea and the western part of the Barents Sea to:


Tel: +47 78 94 30 00
Fax: +47 78 98 98 99

Thank you for notifying us!

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