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Eemslift Hendrika is secured – towed to safe harbour

After a successful operation the vessel Eemslift Hendrika was towed to the port of Ålesund .
Photo:Stig Jacobsen/Kystverket

A lot happened during some hectic hours last night, Wednesday 7th of April. First, the Norwegian Coastal Administration mobilized according to their contingency plan against acute pollution, salvage crews managed to get on board the drifting vessel Eemslift Hendrika and managed to connect it to the two tugboats, and the vessel is now being towed to harbour in Ålesund.

− Conditions changed during the afternoon and evening, and we were worried that the vessel would not follow the expected course on which the original plan was based. We therefore launched a governmental run operation, so we could have the opportunity to tow the vessel. At the same time, we prepared for a worst-case scenario with get a grounding, says director for preparedness against acute pollution, Hans-Petter Mortensholm.

During the evening, there was a successful operation to place crew from the Dutch salvage company Smit Salvage, plus a rescuer from the helicopter on board the Eemslift Hendrika. They managed to connect the vessel to two tugboats – both at the bow and stern of the ship.

The last message on Wednesday 7th of April is as follow:
The risk of grounding has been avoided, and the ship will be towed to Ålesund via Breisundet. The Norwegian Coastal Administration maintains emergency preparedness until the ship is safely ashore. The coast guard ship KV Bergen is involved as a security vessel. The NCA have additional vessel resources in readiness in the area.

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