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Assessor and shipping company approval

Shipping companies can have their own Pilot Exemption Certificate (P.E.C.) assessors to carry out P.E.C. tests for class 3 for the shipping company's navigators. Shipping companies that wish to use class 3 P.E.C's must send an application to the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

Navigators who participate in the Norwegian Coastal Administration's assessor course receive an introduction to the exercise of authority and how to carry out a Pilot Exemption Certificate test according to regulations.


  • What is an assessor exam?

    Pilotage Exemption Certificate (PEC) assessors can be used by shipping companies with vessels under 100 metres to carry out PEC exams for their own navigators.

    The assessor must hold a valid Class 2 PEC for the area in which he will test the candidate, and must have completed the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s assessor training course. The assessor must not be an employee of the shipping company.

    The Norwegian Coastal Administration holds in-house training courses for navigators who want to qualify as a PEC assessor.

  • How can I become an assessor?

    The process starts with the shipping company. Shipping companies that want to use a Class 3 PEC must send an application to the Norwegian Coastal Administration. The application must be accompanied by documentation as described in Section 10 (3) of the Compulsory Pilotage Regulations.

    The shipping company must submit an application by email to:

    The application should be marked ‘Application for shipping company approval for use of Class 3 PEC’.

    The following documentation must be sent as an attachment to the application:

    • Documentation showing that the vessel is less than 100 metres long (tonnage certificate, etc.).
    • Documentation showing that the vessel has an ECDIS installed on board (certificate, type approval, etc.).
    • The training log used for training PEC candidates (see appendices under related documents - this can be adapted to the shipping company).

    See Section 10 (3) of the Compulsory Pilotage Regulations for details of the formulation of the application and the necessary appendices.

  • How often are PEC courses held?

    The Norwegian Coastal Administration holds assessor training courses approximately four times a year, or more often depending on need and demand. (In Norwegian only)

    See planned courses here

  • Who can take the assessor course?

    The following criteria need to be met to take part in the assessor training course:

    • Certified deck officer
    • A minimum of three years’ effective sailing time in coastal waters
    • Passed at least one of the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s PEC exams (Class 2)*

     * If you qualified for your PEC before 1 January 2011, you meet this criterion even if you have not sat a PEC exam.

  • Practical information on assessor courses

    • Duration: 1 day
    • Location: Norwegian Coastal Administration, Flathauggata 12, 5523 Haugesund
    • Food and overnight accommodation: The Norwegian Coastal Administration serves lunch on the course day. Participants must arrange their own accommodation and other meals.
    • Bring with you: A laptop or tablet than can be connected to WiFi.
    • Course fee: NOK 1250. The fee covers course material and lunch. You will receive payment information after you sign up for the course.
    • Registration: Click here to see planned course dates and registration information.
    • The course starts at 08:30 am, but participants should arrive early to give them time to set up their laptop/tablet.
    • Transport to and from Haugesund airport: It takes about 15 minutes by taxi from the airport to Haugesund town centre. The course will finish in good time for participants to be able to catch flights from Haugesund airport after 3pm.
  • After completing the course

    On the course, participants are given exercises to carry out in the test environment for SafeSeaNet Norway. Click here if you want to practise using this system.

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