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The coronavirus and seagoing traffic

Here are answers to questions regarding how the Corona virus (Covid-19) is affecting seagoing traffic and ports at the moment.

Most of the national covid-19-measures affecting seagoing traffic have now been removed. Since Covid-19 is still classified by WHO as a PHEIC (Public Health Emergency of International Concern) seagoing vessels still have to notify through SafeSeaNet Norway if there is an outbreak or suspected outbreak of Covid-19 on board the vessel.

Our Maritime Pilot Service and Vessel Traffic Service centres ‒ as well as digital reporting and information services ‒ are functioning normally. We continue to ensure a national emergency preparedness against acute pollution and important installations for safe navigation at sea.

The coronavirus pandemic

  • NCA Pilot Services - Covid19 measures

    The Norwegian Pilot Service, is taking into account and carrying out, all the precautionary measures recommended and given by Norwegian Health Authorities. This means, amongst other things, that;

    • We do not go to work with symptoms of the flu, nor do we stay in contact with persons with symptoms of the flu.
    • We take general preventive measures, such as good hand hygiene/cough etiquette and avoiding close physical contact.
    • We use protective equipment (facemask, gloves) in accordance with national advice. As of now the Norwegian Institute of Public Health do not advice the use of facemask as ageneral protective measure. The pilot is free to adapt the use of protective measures to the individual situation.
    • We continuously seek ways of transportation for our Pilots that lowers the possibility for close physical contact with other persons, e.g. rental cars.

    All vessels must confirm whether there are persons aboard the vessel with symptoms of flu or other symptoms that can be related to Covid-19 in SafeSeaNet Norway (SSNN).

  • How should crew changes and service personnel access be carried out?

    The Norwegian Maritime Authority is the relevant authority on the matter of crew changes and service personnel access to ships via ports. Guidelines on crew changes in Norwegian ports have been issued.

    For further questions on crew changes and access by service personnel via ports, please contact the Norwegian Maritime Directorate

  • What is viewed as critical public functions?

    On Government.no you can find a list of critical public functions: https://www.regjeringen.no/no/aktuelt/liste-over-kritiske-samfunnsfunksjoner-fastsatt/id2693800/ (In Norwegian only)

    The list defines transportation and shipping industry as businesses with critical public functions. Note that quarantine rules and local rules provide for certain exceptions for persons with critical public functions. The Marine Pilot is defined as critical public personnel, and is therefore exempt from regulations on shore leave and quarantine.



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