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Organisation and management

English organization chart is available further down the page

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) is divided into functions or areas of activity (functional organisation), headed by the Director General.

The directors of the different areas of activity have overall responsibility for their area, including for its performance, finances and personnel, and for the departments within their own area of activity.

The areas of activity have a shared responsibility for achieving the NCA’s main goals, and as a group, the directors form the Director General’s management team. The management team also consists of the Assistant Director General and section leaders.

Main functions

The area of activity for transport, ports and fairways

Main function: Manage, build and operate the physical infrastructure, including analyses and knowledge about the sector.

The area of activity for navigation technology and maritime services

Main function: Manage, develop and operate the digital infrastructure. Monitor/control traffic and manage the pilotage service.

The area of activity for environmental preparedness

Main function: Prevent and limit the harmful effects of acute pollution.

The area of activity for the pilotage service

Main function: Ensure the safety of maritime traffic and protect the environment by putting pilots on board vessels and providing the crew with the necessary knowledge of waterways.

The NCA has about 1000 employees in total, over half of which are involved in operational activities. The NCA is a decentralised organisation. We have a presence along the entire coast of Norway and offices from Arendal in the south to Honningsvåg in the north. The NCA’s management team is based in Ålesund.

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