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Pilotage readiness fee

The pilotage readiness fee is paid by all vessels subject to compulsory pilotage regardless of whether a state pilot is used or not.

The payment obligation applies from when the vessel crosses the boundaries for waters that are subject to fees on approach or departure, or when the vessel takes a state pilot on board outside waters subject to fees. Vessels that have a state pilot on board shall pay a pilotage service fee in addition to the pilotage readiness fee.

Vessels that are obligated to pay can pay the pilotage readiness fee in the form of an annual fee instead of paying for each individual sailing. The annual fee is valid throughout the year and 1/4 of the fee must be paid in advance per quarter. Vessels subject to fees that primarily sail within the boundaries for waters that are subject to fees or between Norwegian ports shall pay the pilotage readiness fee in the form of an annual fee. 

Vessels that fulfil the compulsory pilotage by using a Pilot Exemption Certificate (PEC) have to give information on which PEC the vessel will use on the voyage. The information must be made electronically via the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s electronic internet service. The lack of mandatory information will result in a booking fee on NOK 1,500.

Rates for the pilotage readiness fee from 1st of January 2024:

  • For arrival and departure NOK 1.20 is paid per GT for the first 3,000 GT and NOK 01.00 per GT for excess tonnage.
  • Annual fee
    o For vessels up to 8,000 GT, NOK 0.00/free of charge
    o For vessels from 8,001 to 10,000 GT, inclusive NOK 76.64
    o For vessels over 10,000 GT NOK 93.24

Example of pilotage readiness fee for vessels of 9,000 GT:

  • Arrival (in and out): ((3,000 GT x NOK 1.20) + (6,000 GT x NOK 1.00)) x 2 = NOK 19,200.
  • Annual fee for an unlimited number of calls: 9,000 GT x NOK 76.64 = NOK 689 760.

For vessels of 9,000 GT the annual fee corresponds to the fee for 36 calls to port (72 arrivals or departures). For vessels greater than 10,000 GT the annual fee corresponds to 47 calls to port.

Environmental Ship Index (ESI)

Vessels registered with an Environmental Ship Index (ESI) Score of 50 or higher will be admitted 100 % discount in the Pilotage Readiness Fee. 

Registration of ESI: http://www.environmentalshipindex.org (Choose “Login”)



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