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Cessation of rectangular area addressed broadcasts over the Inmarsat-C SafetyNET system in the Arctic

Ships with first generation Inmarsat C terminals will from 1 January 2024 no longer receive navigation and weather warnings addressed to the Arctic areas NAVAREA 19 and METAREA 19.

The change takes place on the basis that the UN Maritime Organization IMO proposes to harmonize the sending of navigation and weather warnings globally.

"From 1 January 2024, the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute will therefore change the way we send out navigation and weather warnings via the satellite service Inmarsat SafetyNET. This will only have an impact on older, first-generation Inmarsat C-terminals," explains Trond Ski, senior advisor at the Coastal Administration.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Meteorological Institute will throughout 2023 inform about the planned change both in the Notices to Mariners and through satellite messages to NAV-/METAREA 19. Test notifications will also be sent out so that vessels can check whether they can receive directly addressed alerts or not.



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