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OHOI - a new service for leisure boats

Ohoi is a free of charge service

- Here you will find important information for safe decision-making at sea. We believe that the service can contribute to fewer accidents, says Coastal Director Einar Vik Arset.

This new tool has been named "Ohoi". It is a digital service with information that may be just what you need for a safe and pleasant boat trip this summer. The service provides information on:

  • Wind
  • Wave height
  • Water level
  • Speed ​​limit
  • Nearest weather station
  • Currents
  • Sun and moon
  • Cloud cover

The service is intended for boats that have limited instruments on board, but where the mobile phone is included in the trip. For your own safety, the route planner function can also be of great help, where you can check the conditions for the planned trip in advance.



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