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The Western Fairway at Måløy Bridge will open on 28 February 2023 at 15:00 hours

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration will soon complete dredging work in the Western Fairway at Måløy Bridge. The Western Fairway will be opened for seagoing traffic from 28 February 2023 at 15:00.

The Måløy Bridge Watch service, including listening watch and guard boat, will also close at the same time.

Kinn Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) will continue to monitor and regulate vessels over 24 metres – in accordance with Section 13 of the Ports and Waters Act. Kinn VTS has VHF work channel 18.

The opening of the Western Fairway at Måløy Bridge is only temporary. During the spring of 2023, there will be a new closing period in connection with the construction of collision protection at the bridge pillar.

Navigasjonsveiledning gjeldende fra 28.februar 2023 kl.1500.jpg

Oversikt av navigasjonsmerking gjeldende fra 28.februar 2023 kl. 1500.jpg

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