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Changes in navigation at Måløy Bridge (Måløybrua) in 2021

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is carrying out maintenance work on the Måløy Bridge (Måløybrua) in Vestland County in 2020/21. The sailing draft will periodically be lower than normal, thereby temporarily changing the sailing pattern in the fairway. The work will be completed on 3 November 2021.

Contact information for mariners (this service will close on 4 November 2021):
Telephone: +47 919 08 552
Radio: VHF channel 16

From 4 November 2021, Kinn Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) will monitor and organize vessel traffic in the area in accordance with Section 13 of the Harbour and Fairways Act. Kinn VTS is available on VHF working channel 18.

This is valid from 21 June – 3 November 2021:

  • The maintenance work takes place at the western part of the Måløy Bridge, which will result in changes in the sailing pattern and changes in aids to navigation:
    • Reduced sailing height to 33 meters in the western fairway
    • Larger vessels must use the eastern fairway, making it temporarily a two-way fairway during this period.
    • See temporary plan for aids to navigation (valid from 21 June 2021)
    • See an overview of affected aids to navigation (valid from 21 June 2021)  
    • Until new information is provided vessels planning to sail under the Måløy Bridge are requested to make contact on VHF channel 16 approximately 10 minutes before passage, to provide information on its planned route.
    • The changes on reduced sailing height are published in Notice to Mariners (Etterretning for Sjøfarende - EFS) no. 10/2021.

This is valid from 3 November 2021:

This is valid for the entire maintenance period from 31 July 2020 to 3 November 2021:

  • Mariners planning voyages in the area are encouraged to:
    • Actively listen on VHF channel 16 for important updates
    • Show extra caution during their voyage in this area
    • Follow the Norwegian Coastal Administration at www.facebook.com/Maaloybrua – for important updates about the work and sailing patterns at Måløy Bridge.
  • The changes on reduced sailing height are published in Notice to Mariners (Etterretning for Sjøfarende - EFS).

See information in Norwegian here

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