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Port Facility Security / ISPS

The ISPS code (International Ship and Port Facility Security) is the international regulations for securing ships and port facilities. The purpose of the security measures is to prevent and obstruct security-related incidents that may damage the ports, the port facilities or the ships that call in to such ports.

All port facilities approved to receive ISPS ships shall have a Security Officer (PFSO).

ISPS comprises different types of security measures

  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • Searches and inspections
  • Control of cargo and ship supplies
  • The security plan contains details of the security measures that apply at your port facility.

Security-related incidents

Security-related incident: a suspicious action or situation that represents a threat against a vessel, port facility or port. For example: Unauthorised persons inside the facility, cargo that has been manipulated, suspicious objects found, holes in fences etc.

  • The PFSO must be notified of all security-related incidents.
  • The PFSO will notify the Norwegian Coastal Administration.
  • The procedure for how to deal with security-related incidents is described in the security plan.

Maritime security levels

The security plan contains measures at three different security levels.

  • Security level 1

Normal level – a minimum number of relevant security measures shall be exercised at all times.

  • Security level 2

When there is an increased risk of a security-related incident. Extra security measures.

  • Security level 3

When a security-related incident is imminent or probable. Additional security measures.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is responsible for determining the security level that applies.

All employees responsible for security in port

All employees are obliged to have knowledge of relevant parts of the port facility's security plan. Employees who have tasks that involve special security measures shall have completed relevant training in the tasks they have been assigned.

What can you do to improve the security culture at your port facility?

  • Remain vigilant! (Keep a look out for suspicious objects, persons etc.)
  • Be fully aware of the role you have to play in security work at the different security levels.
  • Report any security-related incidents.
  • Report faults and defects in security equipment to the PFSO.

More information on ISPS (In Norwegian) 

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