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About SafeSeaNet Norway

SafeSeaNet Norway is the national ship reporting system where vessels can report mandatory arrival and departure information to Norwegian authorities and ports.

Information reported through SafeSeaNet is automatically sent to national authorities such as the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the Norwegian Maritime Authority, the Police, Norwegian Customs, the Norwegian Armed Forces, the Norwegian Environment Agency and ports.

SafeSeaNet Norway

Book a pilot and send arrival and departure information to Norwegian authorities and ports.

Value for maritime transport

The national ship reporting system, SafeSeaNet, is being further developed to support and streamline sea transport.

SafeSeaNet facilitates more efficient reporting and cost reductions for shipping, ports and government agencies:

  • Shipping's use of SafeSeaNet simplifies and increases the quantity and quality of public administration
  • For authorities, the system provides easier access to necessary information and streamlines administrative routines
  • Today, the ship reporting system has reduced the number of forms for shipping by about 250,000 annually

Public information

In SafeSeaNet there is an overview of various links that are open and accessible to everyone. See publicly available information from SafeSeaNet Norway here

See the latest versions of SafeSeaNet


  • Previously, ships arriving at and departing from Norwegian ports had to report the same type of information several times to various pulic authorities.
  • The reporting requirements were not coordinated, and the reports were sent in different ways to different authorities.
  • Now, ship reporting to the Norwegian authorities has largely been coordinated in one electronic ship reporting system, SafeSeaNet Norway.
  • SafeSeaNet Norway exchanges information with similar systems in other EU/EEA countries.



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