Stad Ship Tunnel

Stad Ship Tunnel will be 1.7 kilometres long, 37 metres high and 26.5 metres wide, and it will be able to allow ships the size of Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) ships to navigate more safely through the very exposed Stadhavet Sea. According to the NCA Action Plan, the Stad Ship Tunnel project is planned to start in 2021.

Tunnelinngang i Moldefjorden

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The NCA will build the world's first ship tunnel

Following the government's budget negotiations, funds have been set aside for the start-up of the Stad Ship Tunnel in 2021. The project is now estimated to cost NOK 3.45 billion.


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  • The Stadhavet Sea is the most exposed, most dangerous area along the coast of Norway. The aim of this project is to allow ships to navigate more safely through Stad.
  • The Storting – Norwegian Parliament – has earmarked NOK 2,7 billion for this project in the National Transport Plan 2022-2033.


  • The NCA has delivered a pilot project to the Ministry of Transport and Communications in the spring of 2017. Further, the project will undergo an external quality assurance process (KS2) before the project is presented to the Parliament, who then formally decides on project funding.

  • In a report submitted in June 2018, the NCA states that it is probable that the Stad ship tunnel can be built within the framework for which funds were originally allocated in the National Transport Plan (NTP) 2018-2029.
  • Quality assurance has been carried out (KS1 report), which was commissioned by the Ministry of Fisheries and the Ministry of Finance for KPU 2010.

  • Stad Ship Tunnel is part of the Norwegian National Transport Plan (NTP), with a limit equal to the costs – estimated at approximately NOK 3 billion. NOK 1.5 billion is part of the NTP that runs from 2018 to 2023.
  • The NCA delivered the preliminary project to the Ministry of Transport and Communications in the spring of 2017. The project has been through external quality assurance phase 2 (KS2).
  • The NCA carried out a project optimization with delivery on 15 June 2019, which resulted in a significant cost reduction. 
  • In 2020, an expanded quality assurance (KS2) of the results of project optimization was carried out.


  • Conventional blasting is envisaged using underground drilling rigs and pallet rigs.
  • Work on alternative solutions, including the establishment of a new commercial area, is taking place locally.
  • If the project is realized, the Stad Ship Tunnel would be the world's first full scale ship tunnel of this size.


  • Length: 1700 metres.
  • Height between ground and ceiling: 50 metres.
  • Width between tunnel walls: 36 metres.
  • Hight from sea surface to ceiling: 33 metres
  • Sailing height: 33 metres
  • Cross-sectional area: 1661 m2.
  • Volume of solid rock to be removed: Approx. 3 million m3. Equivalent to approximately 8 million tonnes of blasted rock.
  • Total costs: Approx. NOK 3 billion.
  • Construction time: Approx. 3-4 years.

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