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What is the role of the NCA?

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) reports to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, and is a national agency for coastal management, maritime safety and emergency preparedness against acute pollution.

The NCA is responsible for fairways and represents an important common good for society. We are partly user-financed and partly funded through the national budget. The main purpose of the NCA is to ensure safe and efficient passage in fairways along the coast and into ports, and to ensure that national emergency preparedness measures against acute pollution are in place.

Our remit includes planning and exercising authority under the Harbour Act, the Pilotage Act, the Pollution Control Act, the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act and the Planning and Building Act. Our most important tasks are as follows:

  • Development and maintenance of fairways
  • Aids to navigation services
  • Vessel traffic services
  • Pilotage service
  • Reporting services and navigational warnings
  • National preparedness against acute pollution
  • Transport planning
  • International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS)

Activities cover the maritime component of the National Transport Plan (NTP) and include governance and administrative tasks related to laws and regulations for ports, fairways and pilotage requirements.

In performing these tasks, the NCA works with various other public agencies, which are responsible for safety, transport and emergency preparedness in related areas. We are also active participants in international efforts within our field.

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