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A New Proposal for Revised Maritime Traffic Regulations

On behalf of the Ministry of Transport the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) have prepared a proposal for revised Maritime Traffic Regulations.

Amendments proposed to enter into force at 1 June 2021 include establishment of a new VTS Area covering the fairway between Florø and Måløy ( Kinn VTS Area) and amendments to the routing measures of the coast of Norway.

The consultation deadline is 10 May 2021. Comments can be sent by post to the Norwegian Coastal Administration, Service Box 1502, 6025 Ålesund, by e-mail to  or digitally (corporate identity number 874783242).

When the regulations enter into force, the revised Maritime Traffic Regulations can be found at Kystverket.no under “Regulations”.

Amendments to the routing systems off the coast of Norway

From 1. June 2021 the three ships' routeing systems  along the Norwegian coast will be consolidated into one routeing system called "Off the Coast of Norway".

The amendments was approved by the IMO at Maritime Saftey Comittee 102 in November 2020 and are announced in COLREG.2 / Circ.75 

The amendments that take effect from 1 June 2021 are:

  • Harmonization of which ships the routeing systems apply to
  • Inclusion of ships that carry INF-cargo and ships with radioactive sources of energy
  • Exclusion of passenger ships in regular service between Norwegian and international ports
  • Clarification concerning voyages between the Norwegian mainland and Svalbard
  • Two new traffic separation systems are being established, "Off Træna" and "Off Halten" and associated recommended routes, see image below.

  • See summary of proposed changes to the Norwegian Maritime Traffic Regulations

The plan was that the new VTS area should be established on 1 January 2021. Due to delays in the work on the technical systems, the start-up date was postponed, and it is now planned that  Kinn VTS area will be established on 1 June 2021.

In this consultation, the Norwegian Coastal Administration proposes some minor adjustments to what was proposed in the consultation in the autumn of 2020.

Firstly, a change in the scope of the VTS area is proposed. It is proposed that the waters on the west side of the land areas on the stretch from Florø to Måløy, which is used as an entrance area to the inner fairway and consists of unclean waters, be included in the service area. Furthermore, the Norwegian Coastal Administration proposes to draw the south-eastern boundary of the service area further into the Solheimsfjorden. 

In addition, some minor adjustments are proposed with regard to the sailing rules regarding prohibition for vessels to pass others under the Måløy bridge and in the waters east of Nordre Nærøya.

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