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Raised Maritime Security level in some port facilities

Due to an increased threat level, the Norwegian Coastal Administration has decided to raise the Maritime Security level to level 2 in some port facilities from Friday 30 September and until further notice. Ships calling at these port facilities must respond without delay to this change in security level.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is responsible for determining the current Maritime Security level for Norwegian ports and port facilities. The security level set by the Norwegian Coastal Administration for port facilities will also apply to arriving ships, which must raise their own security level to the same as the port facilities they call at.

Three levels of Maritime Security

In a normal situation, the Maritime Security level will be at level 1, where basic security measures are implemented. If there is a security incident or a general change in the threat level, it may be appropriate to raise the maritime security level to level 2 or 3. The port facilities must then implement further measures in accordance with their own security plan or advice from the relevant authorities.

What does the raised level mean?

In addition to increased security and increased control of goods and personnel, all port facilities have their own security plans that are implemented. The consequence of raising to security level 2 is, among other things, that some operations may take longer in the port facilities in question, but the activity will largely proceed as normal.

The following ports are now at Maritime Security level 2:

NOMON-0001: Equinor Mongstad
NOSTU-0001: Stureterminalen, Øygarden
NOKAS-0059: Kårstø Gas Processing Plant
NOKON-0001 Kollsnes Prosessing Plant, Øygarden
NOTBO-0001 Tjeldbergodden Port
NOFRO-0003 Fjord Base AS
NOMLK-0001 Hammerfest LNG Melkøya
NOAUK-0002: Nyhamna Gas plant
NOAVE-0001: NorSea Vestbase Averøy
NOSLA-0002: NorSea Tananger
NOLRI-0003: NorSea Stord Base
NOHFT-0005: NorSea Polarbase
NOSVG-0008: NorSea Dusavik
NOKSU-0014: NorSea Vestbase Kristiansund
NOMON-0002: Mongstad Base
NOSSJ-0007: Helgeland Base
NOTAE-0002: ConocoPhillips base Tananger
NOAGO-0001: Coast Center Base
NOSLA-0003: Risavika Offshore Terminal
NOHAU-0003- Killingøy Subsea and Offshore Base

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