• The counter fill operation started with a press meeting

    04.05.2016 | Article | Akutt forurensning | Skipsvrak | U-864
  • Wreck of U-864

    22.02.2016 | Sections | Akutt forurensning | U-864

    German submarine U-864 was torpedoed by its British counterpart, HMS Venturer, off the island of Fedje on the Norwegian west coast on 9 February 1945 while en route from Germany to Japan. All hands were

  • Photos and video of U-864

    06.05.2016 | Article | Akutt forurensning | Farledsbevis | U-864

    The extensive surveys and studies that have been conducted in connection with U-864 contain a wealth of photos, technical drawings, illustrations and video footage.

  • U-864: Dutch company to install counter filling

    19.12.2015 | Article |

    has awarded a contract to Van Oord Norway AS for counter filling in the wreck area for the submarine U-864, outside the island of Fedje on the west coast of Norway.

  • U-864: Timeline of work on surveys and studies

    19.02.2016 | Article | Akutt forurensning | Om Kystverket

    The German submarine U-864 was found by the Norwegian Navy in March 2003.

  • Reports and documents

    19.02.2016 | Article | Akutt forurensning | U-864

    U-864 is the most extensively studied and surveyed wreck in Norwegian history.

  • The Norwegian Coastal Administrations responsibilities for U-864

    18.04.2016 | Article | Akutt forurensning | U-864

    prerepardness against acute pollution. The NCA has also been delegated authority for ship wrecks like the U-864.  

  • Mercury in seafood around U-864

    18.04.2016 | Article | Akutt forurensning | U-864

    The mercury content of fish and shellfish found around the U-864 off western Norway is no higher than in marine life along the rest of the Norwegian coast.

  • Installing a counter fill on the seabed in 2016

    19.02.2016 | Article | Akutt forurensning | U-864

    Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) will install a counter fill on the slope by the bow section of U-864 because geotechnical surveys show that the area is highly unstable.

  • Seafood warning withdrawn

    06.04.2016 | Article | Akutt forurensning | U-864

    Collating survey results obtained since 2004 shows that mercury levels in marine life around the wrecked U-864 submarine are no different from those found along the rest of Norway’s coast.